Nova Incepta AG

Our corporation was founded 2009 as part of a group of independent operating enterprises. Since then we support our worldwide customer base in their goal to maximize the value and the lifetime of their network investment. We provide  a broad portfolio of brand neutral and system independent services for current hardware, but also for telecommunication hardware,

  • which is declared “end of production” by the original supplier
  • which is not or no longer supported by the original supplier in an economic way
  • which was produced by a supplier, that has stopped operating or was acquired/merged

Our employees and business partners form a network  with extensive Know How in the telecommunications, IT and logistics industry. Together we offer to our customer base:

  • conceptual process consulting services
  •  project management in setting up the respective processes
  • provisioning of our service portfolio

Our Team:

Bernd Kuhlin

Managing Director

Holger Ammon

Account Director

Andy Watson

Director Operations

Bastian Feder

Director IT-Operations & Software Development

Manuel Kuhlin

Manager Consulting & Customer Experience

Tobias Schäfer

Director Logistics
LetMeRepair Rhein-Main GmbH