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Environment and the Nova Incepta AG

Our Commitment to sustainability – „Avoid E-Waste“

The EU comission classifies E-waste or „Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)“ as discarded, surplus, obsolete, or broken electrical or electronic devices such as computers, televisions, communication equipment, mobile phones, etc.. According to the latest estimates, the world discards approximately 50 million metric tonnes of E- waste annually. E-waste is full of hazardous, yet hard and expensive to mine material – including mercury, cadmium and lead – that can cause damage to human health and the environment if not managed properly. But only 20 percent of global E-waste is recycled. The rest ends up in landfill, burned or illegally traded every year – or is not recycled at all. (ITU News, 10/19) The consequences of E-waste pollution are “mountains” of E-waste most of them ending up in developing nations. The repair and reuse of faulty equipment leads to a diminished need for the manufacture of brand new products which contain rare earth metals. Support for this view is given in the WEEE directives of the EU comission, which state that reuse of equipment is 20 times “greener” than recycling.
Nova Incepta AG is commited to support their customers in reducing E-Waste while offering the following services:

  • Maintain and extend the lifetime of communication infrastructure
  • Repair faulty electronic equipment instead of replacing
  • Purchase tested & warranted Refurbished Hardware
  • Remarket unwanted hardware for re-use rather than disposal
  • Recycle unusable electronic equipment responsibly.
Nova Incepta is also commited to support and improve the living conditions in developing countries with the Nova Incepta spring project in western Kenya.